Want to start your life guarding experience early? Join our Jr. Lifeguard program and become part of our team! We recommend ages 8-14. This program is focused on teaching participants the key aspects to preventing injuries and ensuring safety in and around the water. This course will guide participants through activities to learn skills that will prepare them for a full life guarding course.

Before entering Junior Lifeguarding, participants must
demonstrate the following skills:
■ Swim the front crawl for 25 yards continuously
while breathing to the front or side.
■ Swim the breaststroke for 25 yards using a pull,
breathe, kick and glide sequence.
■ Complete the Water Competency Sequence.
Water Competency Sequence
■ Complete the water competency sequence
without stopping.
1. Step into water from the side
and totally submerge.
2. Maintain position for one minute by treading
water or floating (or a combination of the two).
3. Rotate one full turn and orient to the exit.
4. Level off and swim on the front or back
25 yards.
5. Exit without using a ladder or steps.

Course Cost: $200.00 per session 

Early drop off 7:30am additional cost $70.00             

Late pick up 1:00pm-4:00pm $140.00               

Lunch $100.00

  • 06/17/2024-06/28/2024    9am – 1pm
  • 07/01/2024-07/12/2024 9am – 1pm
  • 07/15/2024-07/26/2024 9am – 1pm

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