Lap swim is considered a time for patrons to utilize pool space in order to work out. This can be swimming laps, treading water in a lane or even water walking.
There is not a specific number of people allowed in a lane but patrons are encouraged to share lanes by circle swimming.
In order to have your own lane for lap swim, you may consider coming at a non-peak time such as during the morning.
There is no outside coaching allowed during the designated lap swim or rec swim times. You may join one of the teams that practice at DZW.
Generally, guests may bring their own equipment to use during lap swim as long as it does not break any existing DropZone rules and it is safe to use. The aquatic crew members on duty will have the final say as to whether equipment can be used during lap swim or rec swim.
Guests may bring to lap swim their own kickboard, pull buoy, goggles, swim cap, and fins.
Guests may not distract other guests from participation in other programs. During lap swim, you may not use diving boards. During Rec Swim, guests may not use the diving blocks.
Your workout can be as varied as you like as long as it still is confined within the DropZone Competition Pool rules and the aquatic staff feels you are exercising safely.
Guests may use the locker rooms and showers within the facility.
Yes, towels are not provided by DropZone.
Yes, toiletries are not provided by DropZone.
The number of staff at the facility and directly watching over the pool varies by the number of patrons and the activities and programs taking place within the pool.