Here at DropZone, we seek to promote a safe and healthy learning environment for swimmers to grow. Learn to Swim lessons are taught per Red Cross Curriculum, and emphasize skills to enhance comfort around water, water safety and stoke proficiency. All classes are taught by certified American Red Cross Water Safety Instructors. We offer group classes and private-classes. Below is a link with detailed descriptions of all levels for every skill set. All classes are 30 minutes, and each session consists of 8 classes held Monday-Thursday with Fridays being a weather make-up day. All classes must have a minimum of 4 students to continue. Registration for each session closes 5 days prior to the session beginning.


Swim Lesson Sessions



 Weekday Sessions Saturday Sessions
Session 1May 14-May 24
Session 1:May 5-June 23
Session 2:May 28-June 7 Session 2:June 30-August 4
Session 3:June 11-June 21Session 3:August 11-September 29
Session 4:June 25-July 5
Session 5:July 9-July19
Session 6:July 23-August 2
Session 7:Aug. 6- Aug, 16
Session 8:Aug. 20- Aug. 30
Session 9:Sept. 3-Sept. 13
Session 10:Sept. 17-Sept. 27

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